Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hi all. As you know, Nick Deford has been thinking about logo design for MEARCSTAPA. He and I have been talking about ideas, and we agree (though this is open for discussion) than something simple and graphic would be more effective for this purpose than something more fully drawn. The logo bar that I made for the blog (look up) is pretty (I think), but many people have not realized that I intended the C with the dragon to be part of the word, and think that it is MEARSTAPA.

So, to that end, Nick has worked up a few basic designs for your commentary. I think that they are really cool, and I think that they read graphically very well for a website, journal, and I already want a t-shirt with one on the front, and the full name spelled out on the back.

I am partial to one or two of these, but will refrain from weighing in for the moment. Please do comment, suggest, etc. We might also go with a color (these B/W are just concept sketches), etc. Comment away!

Old Logo 1:
Old Logo 2:

Old Logo 3:

Old Logo 4:

Old Logo 5:


Mary said...

I really like these designs! My favorite is the last one, but I also really like the second one. The last one has the benefit of being a letter as well as a "monster;" it's very clever.

Anyway, just my two cents.


Jeffrey J. Cohen said...

They are all so great! I could be happy with ANY of them -- though if forced, 2 and 5 are my favorites.

Erynn said...

I actually really adore 4, though 5 is very cute too.

Karl Steel said...

5 please. It'd look good on a button.

Eileen Joy said...

I really like #4. Maybe I'm just weird that way.

K. A. Laity said...

Really terrific ideas! I think I gravitated immediately toward #2, but I have to admit #5 is growing on me, too.

SMOwens said...

I rather like #4, as it turns the letter on its side. This seems to accomplish the goal of redirecting our vision to a new perspective, which would coincide with the mission of the mearcstapa group, yeah? All 5 designs are quite nice, though, and clever to boot.

Insurditate vero said...

2 and 5 are my particular favourites.

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